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Invitation Table - Template

Instructions: Please, first clone this whole folder. Go to the cloned (coppied) folder and click  on "Event Invitation". Now click on "edit" button in the fact "Event invitation". Fill the desired fields (topic, date, location, start time, etc.). If you want to change the invited persons, plese go to fact Table in the same folder and in the column name write his name.

For each person you want to invite you have to create a new account and to set permissions for the cells(sections "Yes/No" and "Comment") in his row to be edited only by him and leave the cell(fact) with his name with no modify permissions to anyone. Publish the new invitation. Now click on "send this fact to a friend " and send the invitation to the people who you want to reseive it and give them the accounts and the passwords witch they have to use to edit the table.

Typ Titel Kurztitel Dateiname Dateigröße Kommentare Objekte factID Bearbeiter publiziert  
Event Invitation Event Invitation - - - - 1354004.4 factline3 28 Aug. 2009
Table Cell Content Table Cell Content Table Cell Content - - 25 1367818.1 factline4 31 Aug. 2009