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How to Use The Invitation Table?
       In this folder - Invitation Table  there are two subfolders: Invitation Table - Demo Test and Invitation Table - Template.


       The first one is demo version to show the features of the "Invitation Table" and how it  works. In folder Invitation Table - Demo Test there is a fact - Event Invitation, please, have a look at it. This is how the invited persons will see the "Invitation Table". First they'll have to receive a link to that fact (Event Invitation ) and their own  username and password to be able to edit the table and to leave their comments.


       To test please login to http://test-fortgeschritten.factlink.net with username: max_muller and password: 123456789 and go to Event Invitation . Now rollover with the mouse in the first row of the table (where the name Max Muller is) in cell "Yes/No" you will see a grey rectangle and a button "Edit". Click on "Edit", leave your comment and then publish. With that user name (max_muller) you can edit only the cells in Max Muller's row. Test with another user: jane_morgan, password: 123456789.

       The second folder Invitation Table - Template contais a template of the "Invitation Table". When you want to make a new "Invitation Table"  you'll have to clone it. Go to the cloned (coppied) folder and click  on "Event Invitation". Now click on "edit" button in the fact "Event invitation". Fill the desired options(topic, date, location, start time, etc.). If you want to change the invited persons, plese go to fact "Table" in the subfolder "Table Cell Content"  and in the column "Name" write his name via editing the factincluded cell. You can add or delete rows. There is a factinclude in each cell so it can be edited only by the inivted person. For each person you want to invite you have to create a new account - to register him. Now assign modify permissions for the cells(fact) - sections "Yes/No" and "Comment" for the person's row,  only for that person and leave the cell(fact) with his name with no modify permissions to anyone. Publish the new invitation. Now click on "send this fact to a friend " and send the invitation to the people who you want to reseive it and give them the accounts and the passwords, witch they have to use to edit the table.


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